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Wind blower field - Bac Lieu

  • Mô tả

    As a province located in the Mekong Delta region, but Bac Lieu is a destination that is rarely noticed by tourists.

    Many people know Bac Lieu mainly because of the anecdotes surrounding the house of "Prince of Bac Lieu",

  • Mui Ne

  • Mô tả

    The name of Mui Ne comes from the fact that fishermen go here to take refuge every time they go to the sea to meet a storm. "Cape" is a cape offering a great sea; "Dodge" means to dodge or escape from thunderstorms.

  • Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

  • Mô tả

    An Giang always attracts domestic and international tourists in the flood season. Perhaps the most famous destination to mention is Tra Su Melaleuca forest, along the side of the road are rows of green trees radiating cool shade. The most beautiful scene when traveling to Tra Su Melaleuca forest in floating water season is from September to November

  • Nha Trang

  • Mô tả

    When it comes to Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa, many people surely know, but when it comes to interesting things about the most beautiful coastal city in Vietnam, not everyone knows.

  • Dalat Strawberry Garden

  • Mô tả

    Dalat is always famous for its cool climate, fertile soil, suitable for growing many varieties of fire plants, green vegetables, and crops that grow well. Surely you also know that the land of love is a strawberry paradise with delicious and nutritious red berry fruit, right?

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    Trinh Kim Dung

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    Good quality, service above my expectations, thank you for your enthusiasm and giving me a very happy and emotional trip.

  • Le Van Anh

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    The ride quality is excellent, I would love it and will choose your service more. Thanks very much !

  • Nguyen Van Thinh

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    Excellent service quality, enthusiastic customer support, fun during the trip, deserves to book more tours. Thanks !

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